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Kanns Repo

Merriam Tweak

Packix repo

Merriam is a tweak supporting ios 13 and 14 that allows you to customise your whole device with no restrictions.


Colouration Tweak

Packix repo

Colouration is a tweak supporting ios 13 and 14 which lets you change and customise the colours of your device.


WidgetCustoms Tweak

My github repo

WidgetCustoms is a free ios 14 only tweak that lets you fully customise your ios 14 homescreen widgets.


CarPlayPasscode Tweak

My github repo

CarPlayPasscode is a free tweak to enable the carplay passcode view


FastCC Tweak

My github repo (open source)

FastCC is a tweak that speeds up your control center by reducing the tension, supporting ios 11 to ios 14.3.


GoAwaySep tweak

My github repo

GoAwaySep is a tweak that lets you remove the ios system separators. Inlcuding app separators, 3d touch menu separators and grey separators.


ApolloColouring tweak

Packix repo

ApolloColouring is a tweak that lets you colour the apollo app. This was a personally requested tweak and supports from ios 13 to ios 14.3.



My github (open source)

Xcode11Toolchain is a script that replaces Xcode 12 toolchain with Xcode 11. I made this because Xcode 12 toolchain broke compiling for Arm64e.


QuickTHEOS script

My github (open source)

QuickTHEOS is a script that quickly installs THEOS (required for tweak development), so that you don't have to spend ages writing out the commands.


Gleam theme

Packix repo

Gleam is a ios jailbreak theme that contains icons to brighten up your old ones, supporting ios 11 to ios 14.3. This pack consists of 146 icons.

My skills

My objective c is good but not great, there are many things still left to learn!

My bash is stronger than my html and they're both becoming stronger day by day!

Objective c







I go by the name Kanns on the internet and I try my hardest to develop code for all sort of things. I have created themes, tweaks, scripts and this website. I am based in the United Kingdom.



My main focuses are creating tweaks for IOS jailbreaks. You can see my projects below. IOS jailbreak is where you exploit a bug found in the software of your IOS device and then install tweaks (code) to modify and create cool things and remove the restrictions that apple put on your device.



For me, jailbreaking feels like an escape from the world we live in, where restrictions and the power of not only technology, but real life tighten every day. Jailbreaking is legal and it allows me to remove said useless technology restrictions that are put in place.



When you jailbreak your IOS device, you are able to install apps, tweaks, themes and more. Themes are where you install icon masks that change what your icons look like. I started out with making themes and respring packs, but after realising it wasn't hard enough, I moved onto creating tweaks. Themes required almost no code, just being skilled in the design front, which I was some what able to do.



Well creating tweaks is not easy, especially if you are starting out. The way I learn best is practically and learning by other peoples examples and work. Github is a god-like website filled with thousands of examples of code. Looking through github and how tweaks are layed out and structured, helped me lots. Along the way, your code knowledge will increase without you realising it. Remember, always be confident!



How did I learn almost three main programming languages in less than a year? Through determination and hard work. At the start, it was hard, there was so much to learn and I didn't know where or how to start. I started small and simple, then let my life take me to whereever I needed to be. If I found myself needing to learn bash, I would learn it, because it was required for me to move forward.



What advice would I give to people who want to start? Look through github at open sourced tweaks for your ios version. Learn how they work. THEOS is required to make tweaks, which I have made a script to easily install it on my github. Knowledge of objective c is also required to create tweaks. Like many, including me, your first reaction would be ...to google 'how to make tweaks', don't. I speak from hours of experience trying to find decent up to date tutorials that explained anything well, but I couldn't. Of course, they teach you how to install THEOS and everything needed, but on the actual coding front, they don't teach you anything, only non-understandable information that you wouldn't understand as a beginner, don't waste your time doing this. Instead, look at my github and other developers github's. Mine is linked at the bottom of this page. It includes code to tweaks that are very small, to very big. Remember, complicated code doesn't always lead to a better tweak. For example, I created a tweak called FastCC that speeds up the control center and is only 5 lines of code. It has such a big effect on the presentation of your device and how you interact with it, but it is only small. The web is your friend, use it as you please, but know where to look. StackOverFlow is a very good website for fixing erros. Reddit is even better as it is real people giving real answers to your problems. There is a jailbreak subreddit that you can go on which is amazing, the home of the jailbreak community. On a negative front, like many, I have had to deal with hate and unkind comments as soon as I started developing. It took me a while to get my head round this, but people won't and don't always act the way you want them to. I know it is tempting, but trust me, the best thing to do is to ignore the comments. By doing this, you have automatically put yourself above them in every way, plus, if they see you replying to other people and not them, they won't like it. Feedback is always great, but know when constructive critism goes too far, deal with it professionally.



What else do I try to make other than tweaks? I love making bash scripts which do all sort of things, from bypassing the icloud lock on IOS 13 to installing THEOS and making a tweak template easily. I mainly work with objective c during tweak development but bash is a whole lot easier. HTML I am learning slowly. Personally, I feel like it is a lot closer to English than most people realise! I created this website with HTML, slowly and painly, but it happened.



  • iPhone XS IOS 13.5 - main device

  • iPhone 5s IOS 12.4.8 - test device

  • iPhone 5s IOS 12.4.7 test device

  • iPhone 6s IOS 14.3 - test device

  • iPhone 7 IOS 14.2 - test device

  • iPhone 7 IOS 14.3 - test device

  • iPhone 5c IOS 10.3.3 - test device

  • iPhone 4s IOS 7.1.2 - old device

  • iPod touch 4th generation IOS 6 - old device

  • iPhone 5 IOS 10.3.3 - test device

  • iPod touch 4th generation IOS 6 - old device

  • MacBook Pro 2020 - MacOS Big Sur

  • Aipods 1st gen



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